[Multicraft] 2.4.0-pre4 V2.4.0-pre4

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Multicraft 2.4.0 PREVIEW Release
08. Aug 2019

Latest build number: 910060 - Updated Nov 06.

In preparation for the 2.4.0 release we are making the latest PREVIEW build of Multicraft available for public testing. This build currently has to be considered experimental.

Changelog for 2.4.0:
- Added ability to run scripts as daemon
- Added drop shadow to resource display for better visibility
- Added fullBackupCommand setting
- Added runScript/getScript API calls
- Added setting for forced templates per conf file allowing for fully automated mod installation
- Allow server to start with nonexisting template
- Allow headers to be overridden in the main config file
- Always allow superusers to edit a user theme
- Expand variables in select server conf settings
- Fixed an issue where an invalid theme can prevent user profile display
- Fixed backup buttons when using delayed daemon queries
- Fixed confiuration reloading not working under certain conditions
- Fixed encoding issue with command cache under Windows
- Fixed plugin downloads
- Fixed conf file daemon ID filter not always working correctly
- Fixed navbar overlapping with datepicker
- Fixed timezone in web FTP client
- Improved JAR/conf download compatibility
- Implemented CPU limit support for Docker containers
- Implemented UDP support for Docker containers
- Implemented ability to get script output
- Implemented delayed daemon query setting to speed up page loads
- Implemented new full backup method with support for external directories
- Implemented support for conditional scheduled tasks
- Implemented support for stopping servers using signals instead of console commands
- Improved daemon list performance in server view
- Improved plugin downloads to be faster for some sources
- PHP compatibility fixes

The preview release is available here:
Linux: Multicraft 2.4.0 Preview 64bit

We appreciate all feedback, bugreports and suggestions. We will also award monetary bounties for certain security critical bugs, please contact us for details if you think you may have found an applicable bug.
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