Multicraft 2.5.0 PREVIEW 2.5.0-PREVIEW

In preparation for the 2.5.0 release we are making the latest PREVIEW build of Multicraft available for public testing. This build currently has to be considered experimental.

There have been many changes to lower level systems to improve stability and performance. Among the larger new features are:
- Experimental: New web FTP client with drag and drop support (enable under Settings - Panel Configuration)
- Experimental: Ability to keep servers running through daemon restarts (Docker only)
- New daemon parameter to run daemon commands through the command line
- The new Flat-Light theme is now the default

Changelog for 2.5.0-pre1:
- Added command line parameter to show current daemon version
- Added new built-in _zip_cwd command for zipping relative to a directory (used in web FTP client)
- Added new settings related to web FTP client
- Added recommended Docker parameters
- Added setting to disable binding all interfaces when using Docker
- Added warning when FTP server is run separately and uses the same log file as the daemon
- Changed default logfile for daemon in FTP separate mode
- Changed default theme to flat-light
- Don't delete full server backups when autodelete is disabled even when total count is over the maximum
- Fail config/jar updates on HTTP errors to prevent corrupting files
- Fixed MLST FTP command
- Fixed race condition that could cause the daemon to lose the database connection
- Fixed race condition when finishing multiple server moves in parallel
- Fixed rare case of the daemon losing connection to a server console
- Fixed server move information dialog interfering with server control buttons
- Fixed stacktrace in launcher
- Forward environment variables to server process when using launcher
- Implemented ability for servers using Docker to keep running when the daemon shuts down and reattach when the daemon starts
- Implemented ability to send daemon commands through the command line
- Implemented new web FTP client with drag and drop support
- Launcher directory no longer automatically gets chmod/chowned
- Log full command line when running scripts
- Log script errors more clearly
- Log script name in errors related to a specific script
- More clearly mark some warning messages
- Moved main server config changes to after extracting template to avoid overwriting changes
- Performance optimizations
- Show FTP server exceptions as bugs
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